The Starry Night
สถานะ Ongoing
ประเภท Manhua
ออกอากาศ 2020
ผู้เขียน Zhuang Ning
ศิลปิน Zhuang Ning
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The Starry Night

Starry Night, Xing Ye, Xingye, 星夜

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Chi Xing, who was nicknamed, “star of calamity”, would run into all sorts of bad luck every day. But after he met the arrogant, antisocial, Ling Ye, who had deformed legs, he unexpectedly discovered that his suffering physique improved. Whenever he was with Ling Ye, he could turn danger into safety, and Ling Ye’s gaze always made Chi Xing feel like they had met before, a feeling of familiarness. They both don’t know that their common past of suffering and agony would cause them to be tangled up together

Xing Ye / 星夜


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