The Road Where Forsythia Fell
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สถานะ Ongoing
ประเภท Manhwa
ออกอากาศ 2022
ผู้เขียน Sumlim
ศิลปิน Sumlim
จัดหน่ายโดย Bomtoon
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The Road Where Forsythia Fell

Dưới tán hoa liên kiều, The Path Where the Forsythia Fell, The Road Where Forsythia Fell, The Way the Forsythia Fell, Đường hoa liên kiều rơi, レンギョウが散った道〜拾った卵はイケメンだった〜, 连翘花落之处, 银春花飘落, 개나리가 떨어진 길

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Byeoru, who was living secretly deep inside the mountain, collected an egg under the forsythia. Soon after, a dragon hatched from the egg.Byeoru ended up having to take care of the dragon and gave it a name, Shinli.However, Shinli, who’s still a newborn, grows at an amazing rate. Soon after, he grows bigger than Byeoru and Byeoru becomes more concerned about Shinli.One day, Byeoru is eaten by Shinli…?”No matter how much I lick and suck you, it’s never enough. Every time I smell your sweetness, I want to eat you.”Original Webtoon

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