Surge Looking For You
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สถานะ Completed
ประเภท Manhwa
ออกอากาศ 2021
ผู้เขียน Cheongyeon
ศิลปิน Cheongyeon
จัดหน่ายโดย Bomtoon (Bomtoon)
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Surge Looking For You

Surge Looking for You, Waves Looking for You, キミを探す波, 寻觅你的波浪, 尋覓你的波濤, 너를 찾는 파도

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Cheong-ho is a national swim team member who has been struggling with poor records. As an alpha, his physical condition could be improved greatly through sex with an omega, but he has a fear of omega pheromones. His hopes of being a top swimmer seem to be sinking, but that all changes when he meets Yi-rim, an omega whose pheromones don’t give off any scent. Yi-rim is only too happy to help Cheong-ho out, and thus the two of them start a purely physical relationship. It’s almost like they’re a match made in heaven. But…why is it so hard for them to close the distance between each other?Original Webtoon:

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