One Roof, Two Strangers
สถานะ Ongoing
ประเภท Manhwa
ออกอากาศ 2019
ผู้เขียน HWACHA, Kimjjinppang
ศิลปิน Kimjjinppang
จัดหน่ายโดย KakaoPage (KakaoPage)
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One Roof, Two Strangers

Chal Alji-do Motamyeonseo, Even Though I Don't Know Him Well, Jal Aljido Motamyeonseo, よく知りもしないくせに, 잘 알지도 못하면서

เรื่องย่อ One Roof, Two Strangers

Isaac was kicked out of his girlfriend’s house on a dark and cold night. Suddenly, a man who introduces himself as her brother appears in front of him. Nowhere else to go, Isaac has no choice but to… move in with him?! This guy, Seojun, might be a little full of himself but he’s also rich and good-looking. Everything about Seojun seems just perfect. But then what could be the reason he’s showing interest in Isaac?

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