Libido Effect
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สถานะ Ongoing
ประเภท Manhwa
ออกอากาศ 2021
ผู้เขียน Eom Joo-Seok
ศิลปิน Eom Joo-Seok
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Libido Effect

리비도 이펙트

เรื่องย่อ Libido Effect

Graduate students Garib and Jinjoo, who study insects, are a couple who have been dating for a long time since they were freshmen. Boredom comes to them, who have lived together for over 3 years. One day, trembling in fear that Garib would leave him, Jinjoo stung a finger at an unknown insect, Libidine, who had just entered the laboratory. Jinjoo suddenly starts to get an erection in front of Garib, who reassures him that nothing will happen, and Garib, a graduate student who is passionate about this unusual phenomenon, begins to glow. Meanwhile, their advisor ‘Coral’ and assistant ‘Bada’ also find out Libidine’s secret. They embark on a plan to use Libidine to fuck each other…Official Webtoon:

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