Frenemies: Thicker Than Blood (Official)
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สถานะ Ongoing
ประเภท Manhwa
ออกอากาศ 2021
ผู้เขียน Nichtigall
ศิลปิน HKMI
จัดหน่ายโดย Comico Korea (Comico)Ridibooks (Ridibooks)
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Frenemies: Thicker Than Blood (Official)

Akwoo, Bad Friend, Evil Boy, Malicious Friendship, The Evil Companion, 悪友との奇妙な再会, 惡友, 악우

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Friends, rivals… Lovers? Yeo Haon and Baek Rigon have clashed since the very first moment they met. For years, they straddled the line between enemies and friends, ignorant to what feelings had been developing deep below the surface. Yet just as soon as their eyes open to how much they mean to one another, events transpire to try keep them apart… (Source: Pocketcomics)Official Webtoon: R19: Comico, RidibooksR15: Comico, RidibooksOfficial Translations:R19: English, Japanese

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